Drug Market Info was founded by experienced pharmaceutical professionals who recognized the need for current, crisp, easy-to-follow market information that can be customized to address specific company needs and questions. Drug Market Info is the only source of market information that includes and highlights the patient perspective! It is our strong belief that to truly evaluate markets, it is important to understand patients and their views of the disease and therapies. With Drug Market Info reports, you get a deck of ready-to-use slides that provide a comprehensive understanding of the market highlighted by patient viewpoints on relevant issues. This is one of the many important things that differentiate us from other market research report providers.  

Our focus on patients extends beyond our reports. We partner with leading patient advocacy groups in each of the markets we have studied. These groups have been generous sharing patient feedback and perspectives so we can include this information and insight for you. In return, we support these outstanding groups and the patients they serve by donating a percentage of the revenue from each report we sell. With each Drug Market Info report you buy, you not only gain an understanding of just what patients face, you also support them.  

The Principals of Drug Market Info have worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for over twenty years each and have held various executive positions within marketing, marketing research, sales analytics and business development. As experienced marketers, we know the importance of high quality well-researched market information. We have personally worked with expensive reports purchased by our companies and clients only to find them difficult to use, not well sourced and hopelessly out of date. In addition, each of the Principals has been very involved with patients and patient advocacy groups. We believe the patient too often gets lost in the marketing process. These are the guiding premises behind Drug Market Info. We have woven these beliefs into Drug Market Info reports and this is what sets us apart. When you have worked with our reports we trust you will agree.

Here is some background on each of us:

Mary Beth Cicero, Principal

marybethMary Beth is the Principal of Drug Market Info and started the company. She is President of MarketSense, Ltd. and has been delivering results for clients on marketing and business development projects for over ten years. Her background includes business development, product management, new product planning and marketing research. Prior to starting MarketSense, she was Vice President of Business Development at a dermatology start-up company. She has taught marketing [and her own course on Healthcare Marketing] at Northeastern’s Graduate School of Business. Mary Beth has B.S. Biology [cum laude] from Boston College and an MBA from Babson College.

Pamela Porter, Chief Business Officer

pamPam is the Chief Business Officer for Drug Market Info and handles all day to day operations. She also oversees content and works with all of our patient advocacy groups. Pam has been in the pharmaceutical industry since 1991 when she joined Serono Laboratories [now EMD Serono] as Director of Business Operations. She has consistently delivered strong performance in numerous functions including sales analysis, marketing support and customer service. Prior to her pharmaceutical career, she spent 10 years as Director of Marketing for a large national financial services firm. Since 2002 she has focused on consulting projects for healthcare and specialty pharmacy clients. Pam has a B.A. with a double major from Mount Holyoke College.

Susan Casarona, Vice President

sueSue is Vice President of Drug Market Info and is responsible for all product content. She is also Vice President of MarketSense, where together with Mary Beth she has worked with over 50 clients on numerous projects spanning several therapeutic areas. Sue is an epidemiologist by training and her expertise in research and analytics provides Drug Market Info with the highest quality product content. Sue has extensive background in product management, marketing research and advertising. Prior to joining MarketSense, she was Vice President, Account Services at Dudnyk Healthcare and Senior Product Manager at Wyeth. Sue holds a B.A. in Biology from Hood College and M.P.H. in Epidemiology from Tulane University.

Jeffrey Lee Simons, Director of Social Media

jeffOur Social Media Director, Jeff, brings over 20 years of diverse advertising, marketing and promotions experience to our team. He cut his teeth in direct response in the 80's as the Marketing Director of Model Expo, Inc., America's largest mail order hobby company. In the 90's he was Creative Director for Corporate Marketing at Marvel Entertainment Group when Brandweek chose them as Kid's Marketers of the Year. The millennium found him as Director of Integrated Marketing at Tanen Directed Advertising, where he worked with clients ranging from small start ups to Citigroup, MasterCard, PepsiCo and Pitney Bowes. Jeff has also run his own critically acclaimed game company, Q.E.D. Games, Inc., co-founded an ad agency, co-authored a book on cause-related marketing, "Making Money While Making a Difference: How to profit with a non-profit partner" with Dr. Richard Steckel, and written "Lexicon: words and images of strange" and "Toyphabet" with noted artist Victor Koen. He is an annual guest lecturer on Internet Marketing at SUNY New Palz. Jeff was born in Brooklyn, NY and has a BA in Literature from Georgetown University.

Laura Burgess, Product Specialist

lauraLaura is a Product Specialist with Drug Market Info, interacting directly with customers to understand their needs and assists in ensuring product satisfaction and providing support. She has worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for over 20 years and held various positions in Quality Control and Quality Assurance at EMD Serono. Prior to joining Drug Market Info, Laura was a pharmaceutical Consultant providing expertise to clients in the areas of quality and regulatory compliance. Laura holds a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an M.S. in Biology from the University of Hawaii.